Dean's Message to Prospective Students

Welcome to our website for graduate studies

You are standing at a very important crossroads in your life; your undergraduate or graduate degree is behind you.  Now you gaze into the future towards an advanced graduate degree that will influence your personal life and career development for many years to come.

We are living in an era of harsh competition in the job market which demands professionalism and excellence in the pursuit of achievements in academics and research.  The Bar Ilan University School for Graduate Studies presents relevant and new areas of study in a framework that supports you in reaching greatness in both academic studies and research.

With personal attention and a commitment to excellence, our school provides you with a framework of the best quality which you can experience as part of the graduate program.

Our school allows you to devote all of your time and energy to your studies and research by simplifying and shortening the application process and by providing a wide variety of scholarships, granted by different university organizations based on academic achievement or financial need.

The administration and staff will accompany you on the path of your degree, providing aid and preferential conditions that will help you answer to your academic and student needs and allow you to focus on your chosen field of study and research.

Through our efforts our students and graduates stand out in the work field, progress beyond their peers in pioneering research, and achieve a place of honor and influence in Israeli society.

If excellence in academia and research is one of your main values,

If you are searching for professionalism in your master's degree,

And if you wish to attain an additional master's degree or continue to a doctorate,

Come to our school for graduate degrees at Bar Ilan and subscribe to a tradition of excellence.


Professor Gil Epstein

Dean of The School of Graduate Studies