About Us


 The School of Graduate Studies manages all matters relating to advanced degrees (master and doctorate) in all of Bar-Ilan's departments and faculties.


The objective of the School is to leverage all research done at the University and absorb the most capable students by creating a cultivating academic and scientific environment.  For this purpose a general framework for all advanced degrees was established; in order to create and promote innovative study and research along with monitoring and support for all research students at the University.

The School of Graduate Studies offers students personalized counseling and support during their tenure at the School, and after graduation it provides career guidance and support in the path chosen – academia, industry, research, etc.  The School provides assistance to students in all levels: scholarships, counseling, research workshops, scientific development, career guidance, and more.

The School of Graduate Studies is administered by a Permanent Academic Committee comprising of 20 senior faculty members representing the University's different faculties and scientific disciplines.  The Permanent Academic Committee is one of the University's various Senate Committees, and is headed by the Dean of the School.

The Permanent Academic Committee includes several sub-committees in charge of different issues, such as admission, approving thesis and doctoral dissertation proposals, approving thesis and doctoral dissertations, status issues, academic exceptions, scholarships, etc.